Raise your hand…to your mouth if you love homemade protein balls made with bone broth!

Last year, I started making these with our Wild Moon Organic Multi Broth and, as with most recipes I try to tweak with bone broth, these took me awhile to nail.

The big thing about these bad boys is that most protein ball recipes call for runny nut butter of some sort so it makes the balls moist enough to hold everything together. BUT, when you’re adding bone broth to them, it adds a lot of moisture, so if you try to use a runny nut butter, you end up with a flat, gooey mess.

Try these easy, no-bake protein balls:

INGREDIENTS: 1.5 cups of organic oats 1 cup of nut butter (I use Mara Natha Coconut Almond Butter and I leave it on the counter for an hour before I want to make the balls. Then I scoop out the cup and mix it up so it’s soft) 3 tbsp pure maple syrup or honey 1/2 cup of Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth 1/3 cup of almonds 1/3 cup of walnuts or pecans 3 large pitted dates 1/4 cup dried cranberries.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add oats, almonds, pecans, and dates to a food processor (I use the mini magic bullet and it works like a charm) and blend until chopped (not smooth).

Add nut butter, syrup, and bone broth to a mixing bowl and mix it until smooth.

Add the chopped up ingredients to the smooth mixture and fold it all into each other.

Roll into balls on parchment paper and either put it in the fridge or freeze them and then take out a few each day so you can have them easily accessible.


If you have any recipes that use bone broth and would like to share them with us, please send us a DM! We’d love to share your rad recipes with our followers.