Bone broth has some great health benefits

If you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health, look younger, lose some pounds, gain some energy, recover faster from exercise, surgery or prolonged illness, bone broth can help. There are so many ways that organic bone broth assists our bodies and contributes to a healthier lifestyle..

Below are some of the benifits to bone broth use and links to resources you might find helpful.  

Detox and weightloss

The plentiful amino acids in bone broth (and the herbs and mushrooms we add) help the liver with detoxification processes.

Plus, the high nutrient content—including a long list of vitamins and minerals—help to curb sugar cravings and prevent insulin resistance (which leads to fat storage and weight gain).

Bone Broth is an Anti-Inflammatory

Organic Bone Broth contains collagen and glycine, which reduce inflammation and help soft tissues and joints recover and repair faster after illness, injury or surgery. The medicinal herbs and mushrooms we add to it—Reishi Mushrooms, Schisandra Berries, Stinging Nettle, and Kelp—are also all key factors in reducing inflammation.
An inflamed body can’t function optimally because it’s always trying to heal itself. Bone broth gives the body the tools it needs to get the job done.

Bone Broth boosts the Immune System

Bone Broth has been used for centuries as a restorative (think chicken soup when you’re sick). The marrow from the bones we simmer, plus the immune strengthening properties of the added herbs and mushrooms in our organic bone broths, work together to keep your whole system running optimally.

Organic broth With Great ingredients.

In addition to a deliciously balanced flavour, our proudly Canadian bone broth is packaged frozen for you, with zero preservatives in recyclable packaging. Our bone broth is also fat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and non-GMO. Each container is packed full of gelatin and collagen protein, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and great taste.

Joints & Muscles

For the past decade, more and more athletes have been rediscovering how bone broth can quickly reduce joint and muscle inflammation after workouts and sports. World-renowned Professional Crossfit Athlete (and one of our favourite athletic Canadian), Brent Fikowski —has been including Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth in his everyday clean-eating regime for years! He also recommends it to his students with his Crossfit Program over at  The Professor Project. Brent says it really helps his joints stay lubed and strong.

But this rich, golden liquid isn’t just for the pros. Any active person can benefit from this healing drink as it is nature’s most nutrient-dense, easily-digestible liquid, filled with micronutrients, minerals, amino acids and collagen. As an athlete, it could really cure what ails you, such as the tendons in your wrist that hurt, or the ligaments in your knee that swell up. It will also kill inflammation and swelling, and help with muscle recovery post-workout.

In addition, Wild Moon Organics Bone Broth’s added healing herbs and mushrooms will help heal your gut and increase the absorption rate of nutrients. When you process food more efficiently, it aids muscle recovery and enhances your performance. This array of medicinal foods enhances the benefits of bone broth and then some. Reishi, Schisandra, Nettle & Kelp are great for increasing and balancing energy levels, decreasing inflammation, detoxifying the body, increasing stamina, combating stress, and supporting the immune system. 

Younger Looking skin

Forget botox, drink bone broth for amazingly healthy, glowing skin! Wrinkles and sagging occurs when the collagen in our skin begins to break down. The bone broth cooking process breaks down collagen into gelatin—an easily digestible source of collagen—perfect for replenishing collagen lost due to ageing, sun exposure, illness, and stress. A cup or two a day is all you need to have your tired skin perked up and glowing in no time!

Brain Health

Organic Bone Broth benefits our brains! Organic, hormone and antibiotic-free bone marrow is an excellent source of essential fatty acids (which have been clinically proven to improve overall brain function) and the amino acid Glycine (also found in bone broth) helps to promote mental alertness and improve memory. In addition, a lot of recent research has demonstrated that inflammation in the gut automatically translates to inflammation in the brain, so it makes sense that if broth can heal gut inflammation, it can also heal brain inflammation!

Preventative & Restorative

When incorporated regularly into our diet, bone broth is an effective preventative of (and excellent restorative for) people recovering from illness or injury. The abundance of amino acids, gelatin and collagen in bone broth are also supplemented by a healthy dose of minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It’s just plain good for your body and your mind.

How to use Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth for Leaky Gut:

Sip a cup or two each day, or add it to recipes, to ensure you take in an appropriate amount of proline to seal and heal your gut.

Seal & Heal Your Gut

It’s estimated that nearly 1/3 of North Americans suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut occurs when our gut microbiome becomes unbalanced and leads to perforations (holes) in our intestines. These holes allow undigested food and toxins to leak out of our guts directly into our bloodstream, which then causes sickness and inflammation in the rest of our bodies.

An unbalanced gut is caused by taking medications (especially antibiotics), eating an unhealthy diet, eating foods that contain pesticides, hormones and toxins, eating foods that don’t jive well with your digestive system, stress, and toxic environments.

Bone Broth is packed with gelatin that contains the amino acid proline—thought to be the key factor in repairing the gut lining.  

Hygenic & Healthy broth

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