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The absolute BEST Certified Organic Bone Broth DELIVERED to your door at WHOLESALE PRICES!

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  • Note: Because of our wholesale nature the mixture is not availible on single case orders

Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth Wholesale Club!

For anyone who chooses to consume the absolute highest quality organic Bone Broth on a regular basis - Wild Moon Organics is launching a Bone Broth Wholesale Club to provide you with our rich and concentrated, great-tasting organic bone broth, delivered to your door for a wholesale price!!
We've been making the highest-quality, best-tasting, certified organic bone broths in Canada since 2014. Until now we've been retailing in over 120 stores across BC, but we just expanded our horizons to the rest of Canada!

What sets us apart from others?

    • 100% Certified Organic, ethically-sourced ingredients!
    • 42 -hour simmer in a sealed cooker for maximum nutrients & incredible flavour!
    • Infused with healing , health-enhancing reishi mushrooms, Schisandra berries, kelp & stinging nettle!
    • high ratio of bones to water for a rich, concentrated broth that is packed with collagen and has 10-12 g protein per serving!

      To receive all the details and find out more about our Bone Broth Wholesale Club, just fill out the contact form below!


    Thank-you all for the kind words of encouragement!

    I absolutely love this broth! It is so satisfying and delicious. I feel terrific after my daily mug of warm broth in the lunch room. People are envious as it looks and smells as good as it tastes! I love to cook with it as well – helps make yummy soups and is great to cook my quinoa in!

    Grace Skaley

    Facebook Review

    This company makes my heart happy, after using this product for several weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement in my recovery after intense workouts. My joints don’t ache and my knees don’t crack as much! As for my skin! Oh I am so happy to say that my guts are healing and so is my skin!!! I was suffering from hormonal acne and it was on my face, neck, chest and back and now I am rarely seeing breakouts! I have kept healthy this long dreaded winter and so have my kids! And I know it’s because we are sipping on this beautiful broth! So grateful!!!

    Nicole Rich

    I absolutely love the bone broth. I love that I’m giving my family something organic that’s yummy and packed with nutritious health benefits. I love how versatile it is too. I use it for my soups and drink it straight from a mug. I’m addicted to this stuff and will continue buying in the future.

    Ashleigh Jager

    Facebook Review

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